Music by Tom Boyd


Be My Pal

A chummy ditty for devoted duos which Tom wrote together with his old pal, the late Stanley Segal

The Grand Tour

Another Boyd//Segal song written for a musical based on Private Eye Magazine. Lady Letitia, fragrant wife of Lord Gnome, visits her travel agent Freddie Dollis-Hill, to arrange a holiday. (production of the musical was scotched by Peter Cook)

Camp Followers

This Boyd//Segal spoof was written in 1971, also for the Private Eye musical to have been performed by the magazine's camp fashion editer Mervyn Poove. More recent exponents of high camp, Julian Clary, Graham Norton and the late John Inman make suitable punctuation for this 2 minuite parody of patriotic production numbers.

A New Lease on Life

A Tom jolly for old men feeling the seventy year itch


The Middle Stages of the Middle Ages

Till Eulenspiegel, the legendary Medieval mischief-maker, surveys the European scene in 1353 AD. Tom Boyd wrote this song (which he here performs) for a musical about the exploits of the impish Eulenspiegel in the 14 century.

A Far Cry from Petersburg (sampler)

Songs from a musical comdy written for Harry Secombe as the corrupt comic Mayor of Mirgorod, sung here by the renowned tenor Anthony Rolfe Johnson OBE

A Hoosier Harvest (sampler)

from a cycle of songs based on the poems of James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier poet


The World is Changing

A senior citizen surveys the contemporary world (but Tom Boyd actually wrote words and music in 1960)

I Did Not See My Love Today

(with Sally Boyd playing the treble recorder)


Let's Wage War
Tom's take on the profession of arms and the instigators and perpetrators of warfare and its motivation through the ages


 Oberon's Epilogue

From a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Tower Theatre, Canonbury, London,. 1963

Tom Sawyer (sampler)

from the 2010 revival production of Tom Boyd's 1956 musical


You Bring Out the Best in Me

a musical billet doux to Tom's wife Sally, a marriage spanning 53 years so far



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