2007 Bel Canto Opera production of


by W. A. Mozart

with a new English libretto and production by Tom Boyd

Music director - William Bell


Tamino's aria, the 3 ladies and the Queen xxxxxxxCLICK ABOVE to watch the Papageno/Papagena duet --

"...inspired production by Bel Canto...Tom Boyd's clever and reverential adaptation bristles with topical witticisms, pomp, sparkle....a stirring pageant which Emanuael Schikaneder and Wolfgang Amadeus would have doubtless approved. Delightful! " BBC Gloucestershire Theatre and Arts

 "...director Tom Boyd has once again supplied his own brand-new, sparkling English libretto...spiced with plenty of humour...a refreshing take on Mozart and Schikaneder's masterpiece." OXFORD TIMES

 Tom Boyd's production, like his topical libretto, is both accessible and full of imaginative flourishes. Gloucestershire ECHO

 "Tom Boyd's new English libretto was a particular delight...a splendidly light-hearted version...Tom and musical director William Bell are much to be congratulated on their polished, talented and very clever production which kept the audience greatly entertained." Wilts. and Glos. STANDARD


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Tamino - Alexander Anderson-Hall

Pamina - Pamela Hay

Papageno - Eamonn Dougan

Sarastro - Deryck Hamon

Queen of the Night - Mandy Watsham


First Lady, Sue Black,

Second Lady, Claire Johnson

Third Lady, Maria Jagusz

Monostatos - Michael Powell

Papagena - Kate Bennett

Archdruid (aka the Speaker) Robert Bateman


First Boy, Georgia Frances

Second Boy, Charlotte Sommers

Third Boy, Dan Holley

First Knight in Armour: John Milford

Second Knight in Armour: Edward Harper

Chief Ovate: Tim Johnson

Chief Bard: Tim Cranmore

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PRINCE TAMINO: (chased by the paparazzi, in despair)
Do leave me, just leave me! For God's sake get off me!
These vultures, these vipers, they snipe and they scoff me!
Relentlessly prying and shamelessly spying,
they're trying to break me!
They stalk night and day... they twist what I say...
I'm going mad, I swear to God I'm going mad
Won't someone drive these vipers ...drive these guttersnipes away. (he collapses, unconscious, as the THREE LADIES enter and chase the paparazzi off)





FIRST LADY: A golden boy...a dainty dish.
SECONDLADY: As dashing as a lass could wish.
THIRD LADY: Alas, were I still twenty..ish...
ALL: If I were still as young as he,
he might agree
to marry me!


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PAPAGENO (the Queen's gamekeeper):
When I pipe, the pheasants and the quail all come,
They are charmed and treat me like a chum,
I've a talent to be gallant to my flock of birds,
but with a girl, I'm lost for words.
I may like her face, and maybe she likes mine,
But I've no grace, no chat-up line,
And if I am shy and play my pipes of pan
She'll flyaway to find a grander man.
Bye bye...ta ta...
I suppose I'm one of those ill-fated men
A blighted cock who never finds his hen



You, dear Prince, are fated to release her
Free her from his depraved intent
And if you find you love each other...
She shall be yours with my consent.

CLICK HERE to see and hear Tamino's aria to Pamina's picture, and "Tamino meets the Queen" on YouTube

Three lads so bright they might surprise you
will come tonight to supervise you
They're authorised to lead the way
What they advise, you must obey.
A fiend! A beast! The devil's tool!
An incubus... at least a ghoul!
Demonic! Satanic!
Irreverent! Malevolent!
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

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PAMINA: When cupid fires darts, fain hearts are affected,
but whose he'll choose, no one can foretell.
PAPAGENO: Though Eros brings solace to those selected,
for beaux neglected, loveless is hell!
BOTH: Tis nature's plan, assigned by fate,
in time, each man will find his mate.
Man and mate, when bound in love,
reach the gate of heav'n above!

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TAMINO:What land have I come to? Some primeval nation with temples of boulders, as old as creation.
But who dwells in these ruins? What tribe of ancient men,with vision and wisdom beyond modern ken?
Whatever the danger, I'll do what I must.
My purpose is noble, my mission is just.
I'll fight Sarastro's wretched crowd
to free Pamina...
as I vowed.
TAMINO: From the way that I play I would say that it's clear
I'd have been a keen musician.
I can trill with skill just by blowing here,
all by ear, without a lesson or tuition. This bravura tune tests how skilled I am,
and proves that music makes hearts soften
If the lion lies down with the lamb,
I should play this tune more often.

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PAPAGENO:Wait a tick...just the trick...
I was told to ring these bells.
They will conjure magic spells.

MONOSTATOS AND HIS HENCHMEN: (compelled to dance)
Why this music sedates me
is frankly bizarre
Lara la la la, lara la la la. Lara la!
Captivates me, elates me,
This sound from afar
Lara la la la, lara la la la. Lara la!

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Sir, you are due to punish me.
You're angry that I ran away.
But I had reason to absent
That libetine who was my jailer
became obscene with lewd intent.


Arise Pamina, I forgive you.
I understand your desperation
Full well I know your situation
I sense a heart that's yearning to be free...
Hence, your vain attempt to flee.
I sympathise with your frustration
yet I have cause to keep you here with me
My child, I have an obligation...
thus I must decree you stay with me.

MONOSTATOS: Your majesty, I've caught a spy
Decree if he should live or die.
Sir, I will see this spy gets sorted...
I'll have him flogged, hung, drawn and quartered.
PAM INA: Tamino! At last you're here.
TAMINO: Pamina, my dearest dear.



THREE LADIES: You need to heed our danger warning
You're victims of Sarastro's spell
If you're still here tomorrow morning
They'll roast you in the flames of hell.

PAPAGENO (to Tamino):
The ladies have point, my friend.
These bloody Druids may intend to slit our throats
and sacrifice us...just like goats!

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MONOSTATOS: Like a satyr I am lusting
This fair beauty makes me so
Though she finds my face disgusting
just because it's blue, you know,
Woad is me, I'm indigo!
I'm a Celt...blue is our fashion.
She would spurn me if we kissed
she's determined to resist
she rejects my manly passion cause she's colour prejudiced
blue and white should co-exist
but she's colour prejudiced!

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QUEEN OF THE NIGHT: You don't know how I hate him!
I so abominate him
You must assassinate him or you will pay the price.
I'll spurn you...renounce you...disown you
my heart will turn to ice
the heart that loved you will turn cold
Be brave! Be bold!
Sarastro must be vanquished
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill him quickly...
Do as you've been told!

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SARASTRO: So long as evil men and women live
their spite will blight mankind,
but God commands us to forgive
and leave thoughts of vengeance behind.
The man who seeks to retaliate
is making worse the curse of hate.
Such men as these do bring disgrace upon this realm, this blessed place.
Only a man of love and grace is worthy of our noble race.

PAPAGENO: You're eighteen,eh? I expect you have a lot of boyfriends then?
PAPAGENA (disguised as an old woman): Only one. We're engaged to be married. He's a gamekeeper.
PAPAGENO: Oh really. What's his name then?
PAPAGENA: Papageno.
PAPAGENO: Pa-pa-pageno? You mean me?
PAPAGENA: (chuckling) I do.
PAPAGENO: Who are you then?
PAPAGEA: Ha ha! You should know by now.

THE THREE BOYS: This time will be our second meeting,
First in the present, now in the past.
Wise old Sarastro sends you his greeting,
and a repast...which could be your last.
Stick to your vows with dedication
You'll need your flute and glockenspiel.
They'll play you to your destination...
They'll see you through your next ordeal.
Stick to your guns!
Be not deterred.
Hark, Papageno,
mum's the word!
Hush, hush, mum's the word.


PAMINA: (spoken): I have lost his love.

(sings): No one dreams that love can dwindle,
when there seems no trace of doubt.
Once it wanes, you can't rekindle
flames of ardour dying out .
All so sudden, unexpected,
passion dies when love has fled.
Worse than death is love rejected.
Like those flames...the dampened flames
Like those flames, my soul is dead.

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PAPAGENO: I shouldn't be complaining, I have a decent life,
but there's one wish remaining: to find my kind of wife...
a sleek and chic young wife...and settle down for life.
Although I've the means to support her,
I lack the demeanour to court her.
I'd need to be suave and urbane...
but I remain rustic and plain.
A yokel. A yahoo. A bumpkin.
I long for a lady with class
but she'll think me an ignorant ass...
much too boorish and crass...
for an elegant lass.

THE THREE BOYS: The darkling sky is growing lighter
The moon has slipped away
The sun ascends, each moment brighter
All hail the break of day.
Praise Llud, the god of whom 'tis written
was long ago the King of Britain.
He leaves his astral home on high
to guide the sun across the sky.


True lovers' hearts are so designed
by cupid's darts, to stay entwined.
The gods decree that it should be.
Two souls become one entity.




PAPAGENO: Do I really want to do it?
If I do it, will I rue it?
Like the Dane's soliloquy:
"To be or not to be?"
For me, or not for me?
That's the question. Big dilemma!
Life for me has soured
but I'm such an awful coward
Papageno, be a man!
Finish off what you began.
Papageno, go ahead.
You'll feel better when you're dead.

PAPAGENO: Bells, perform your magic,
as you did before
Situation tragic!
Help me out once more.
I'm in desperation,
Hear my anxious plea
Last hope for salvation...
bring my love to me.
But I fear...the little dear...will not appear.


THE THREE BOYS: Hey, Papageno, look who's here!


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PAPAGENO: From now on we'll be together
Like two love birds of one feather
In a dovecote made for two...
PAPAGENA: Love in any cot will do.
Come the Spring, it's time for matng.
PAPAGENA: I can't see the point in waiting. Hanging on is too frustrating, Let's be gone for procreating.
BOTH: A happy nesting should include
lots of chicks...five or six...some of each, a balanced mix...
and if we're blessed we'll fill the nest with quite a brood.

PAPAGENA: We'll breed with nothing to restrain us.
Well need a mansion to contain us
BOTH: with such a brood of Papagenas!
PAPAGENO: But where's the money to maintain us?
PAPAGENA: My wealthy Daddy will sustain us,
BOTH: ...and all our brood of Papagenas.
Papageno. Papagena. Papageno. Papagena.
New blossoms on the family tree,
and when they've flown the coop, you'll see
we'll soon have grand-chicks on our knee
and they'll be clones of you and me.
Papageno. Papagena. Papageno. Papagena.
Pa-pa-pa-papageno! Pa-pa-pa-pagena!
PRINCE TAMINO: I have no fear of dying
If gods decree, I die complying
I'll face all the trials that you devise
So long as love will be my prize,




PAMINA: The flute, in case you didn't know it, calls forebears - summoned when you blow it.
They come from bygone days to quell
impending danger, with a spell.
So let the flute invoke its charm,
and they will keep us safe from harm.
This ancient breed of kings and knights
will lead us through these mystic rites.

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PAMINA and TAMINO: Not Satan's flames nor fiery furnace,
Nor blazes from the bowels of hell
could faze us, baffle us, or burn us
when music casts its magic spell.
The last ordeal need not concern us
So let the flooding waters swell.




PAMINA and TAMINO: Our lives are saved
The waves recede,
The magic flute has done its deed!




MONOSTATOS: Keep out of sight, they're quite suspicious...
They might suspect our vengeful plot.
QUEEN and LADIES: Sarastro's vicious and malicious
We must dispatch him on the spot!

THE THREE LADIES: Oh Queen of Night, so long reviled
Oh Queen of Night, so rightly riled
Death to the father of your child!

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SARASTRO: The Queen's will is broken
Your King's still alive!
The gods here have spoken.
Our Realm will survive!
ALL: Albion has triumphed
Its treacherous foes put down
Thanks to our gracious Sovereign
Praise be to God, and to the Crown.

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ALL: Tamino, Victorious...
Intrepid in trial
Long may he reign o'er us
in this Sceptered Isle

Tamino, our King and Pamina his bride,
Together as rulers, their thrones side by side.
The fairest of monarchs this realm has yet seen;
Tamino, Pamina, our King and our Queen.
Our oath to both...
to King and to Queen!
Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!

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All photographs by Roger Phillips

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