Some of Tom Boyd’s recorded interviews

Margaret Atwood - Canadian novelistxx photo: Tom Boyd


Sir Kingsley Amis - English Novelist

Dame Barbara Cartland - English romantic novelist

Ken Follett - English novelist

Margaret Drabble - English novelist

Kushwant Singh - Indian novelist and journalist

Lord (Jeffrey) Archer - English novelist, politician and jailbird

John Mortimer QC - English novelist (Rumpole of the Bailey, etc), playwright and barrister

Jessica Mitford - English writer and muckraker (Hons & Rebels, The American Way of Death)

R. K. Narayan - Foremost Indian novelist

Mustapha Matura - West Indian playwright

Frederick Forsyth - English novelist

Roald Dahl - English writer of children's books

Aeronwy Thomas - Daughter of Dylan Thomas

Monica Dickens - English novelist, great granddaughter of Charles Dickens , founder of Samaritans in the USA

photo: Tom Boyd

Monica Dickens in 1992, shortly before she died


Tom with Jeremy Irons,who had just finished filming The Mission, and Jeremy's dog, Speed. 1986

Jeremy Irons - English actor (The Mission, Reversal of Fortune etc.), winner of the Oscar, Tony and Emmy awards in one year (1996)

Dudley Moore - English comedian (Pete and Dud, Derek and Clive, etc.), film actor (10, Arthur etc.) and pianist

Gordon Jackson - Scottish actor (Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs)

Emlyn Williams - Welsh actor and playwright (The Corn is Green, etc.)

 Buddy Rogers - American silent film actor, first ever Oscar winner (Wings 1926), husband of Mary Pickford

Stephen Frears - English film director (My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, The Queen etc.)

Brian Desmond Hurst - Irish film director (Playboy of the Western World etc.)

Dick Vosburgh - American comedy writer and lyricist

Karen Kain - Canadian prima ballerina, now artistic director of the national Ballet of Canada

Jane Glover - English conductor and musicologist, author of Mozart’s Women


 Tom with Lord Wilson of Rievaulx , formerly Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1964-70;1974-76 . Photo: 1985

Lord (Harold) Wilson - former British Prime Minister (Labour)

The Right Honourable Enoch Powell - British Government Minister (Conservative)

John Kenneth Galbraith - Canadian-born economist, US Ambassador, advisor to JFK

The Right Honourable Sir Geoffrey Pattie - British Government Minister (Conservative)

Sir Michael Wheeler-Booth - Clerk of the Parliaments (chief administrator, House of Lords)

Sir Herbert Marchant - British Ambassador to Cuba during the Bay of Pigs and Russian missile crisis.


Lord (Charles) Forte - Italian-born British tycoon (hotels, catering)

Preston Robert Tisch - American tycoon (hotels, Chairman of Loews Corporation etc.)

Edward Bernays - father of the Public Relations industry, the world’s first spin doctor, nephew of Sigmund Freud


Paul Prudhomme - New Orleans celebrity chef, proprietor of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen restaurant

photo: Tom Boyd

Alan Dershowitz - celebrity lawyer, Harvard professor, author of Reversal of Fortune

Melvin Belli - celebrity injury claims lawyer, the so-called "King of Torts"

General Sir John Hackett- war hero, author of The Third World War

Lindka Cierach - English fashion designer (Duchess of York's wedding dress)

Rex Cowan - English shipwreck hunter