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Tom Boyd’s recorded interviews with personalities from theatre, films, literature, music, politics, ballet, deep-sea diving and dress designing

  • Gordon Jackson (Scottish actor - Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs)
  • Jeffrey Archer (English writer and politician)
  • Jane Glover (English orchestral conducter)
  • Rex Cowan (English shipwreck hunter)
  • Lindka Cierach (English fashion designer)
  • Jeremy Irons (English actor)
  • Kushwant Singh (Indian novelist and journalist)
  • Buddy Rogers (American silent film actor)
  • John Mortimer QC (English writer and barrister)
  • Karen Kain (Canadian ballerina)
  • Frederick Forsyth (English writer)
  • Barbara Cartland (English romantic novelist)

Published 1988 by Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd.

ISBN 0-17-555692

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