Tom Boyd's English version of

MARTHA by Flotow

available for productions by operatic societies

"Bel Canto's Martha captivates the audience. This witty Bel Canto Opera production by Tom Boyd teems with should beat a path to see Martha". - -The Gloucestershire ECHO

Tom Boyd's witty and pertinent librettos and imaginative stagecraft... music, lyrics and performance came together in a delightful cameo of romantic comedy. The Wilts and Glos STANDARD

"In my opinion Tom Boyd has created a text which fits much better than the German original. [His] adaption of this German opera to fit a truly English ambiente is great to watch and great to listen to, especially for me, being a German native speaker who knows most of the opera by heart (in German, of course). I couldn't believe how [he] managed to transform the funny but somewhat mediocre German libretto into good English which perfectly supports Flotow's beautiful music. I liked it very much. xxxWolfgang Strietzel, Munich Germany

If Tom Boyd hasn't yet had his fill of praise for this version, I add my high praise as a useful loosely-updated version to re-introduce this "nostalgic nosegay" to millenium audiences. xxxx Louis Wernick Yonkers NY USA

A rom-com English version set in Richmond during the reign of Queen Anne, as is the original libretto.

Tom Boyd's English libretto of MARTHA has also been performed by Haddo House Opera, Scotland, 2004


below: Nine scenes on Youtube from the Bel Canto Opera production.

Opening, Act I

Act II - The Spinning Quartet

Act II - The Last Rose of Summer


Act II - the 'Goodnight' quartet

Act III - In praise of English Ale

Act III - Nancy instructs the huntresses

Act IV - Nancy and Plunkett duet

Act IV - Finale

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